The wave-interference hull [discontinued]

Wave interference hull discontinued - Why?


It was believed ever since, that only displacement hulls can be propulsed by human power for longer periods. Displacement boats are bound to the hull speed, which acts as sort of a sound barrier to ships.


Therefore, HPB's have to be very long and fragile which makes them hard to transport or store.


The wave interference hull was meant to be a gamechanger by using a special half-glider construction which is optimized for speeds above hull speed while requiring 30% less power than a conventional glider.


Unfortunately the hull has certain drawbacks with loading vs. stability, that's why the project was discontinued.In the meantime, after 3 years of research there finally is a successor, which will be presented soon.


Who is the designer?

My name is Andreas Schönwälder MSc, age 31, from Vienna. I am an engineer for safety relevant electronic systems in the automotive sector. Besides that, I also work as a commercial pilot and theoretic instructor for future airline pilots. My obsession for boats stems from a homebuilt "Seggerling", surely one of the best sailboats for two persons in the world.

A relative of mine asked me, if I could build a pedal boat faster than the commercial ones, but still so small and light, that his smallest child could handle it alone. At first it seemed impossible, but progressing with time it seems more and more likely.


If you are interested in this project and want to contact Andreas Schönwälder (designer) please tell us.



Our boat is faster than mine.