CFD testing of the "Waveless Zero"

I am happy to announce, that the hull could be evaluated by CFD-testing (computational fluid dynamics). This means, that it drove in a virtual tow tank for the first time.


Here are some impressions of its "maiden voyage":


As you can see, the waterflow is quite undisturbed for a monohull with only 2.6m length.


At a cruising speed of 170% hull speed, the amount of water pushed aside is very small.


Nearly all lost energy goes into two big vortices at the stern, just like the wingtip vortices of a plane. At a rotational speed of 6 degrees per second, the energy within these vortices is very low.


The resulting wavepattern rather looks like it was driving at dead low instead of breathtaking gliding speed. Hopefully, the real one will behave the same.


The pressure buildup on the bow at 12 km/h does not look like if it was at full glide.


Also at the stern, not much water is moving. The blue shaded area shows the pressure relieve at the sharp edged glider stern. Behind it, there is no wake left. The iso-lines with numbers show the rotational speed in degrees per second for the vortices.


At last, a little simulation of the water surface at full speed.