The Open Waterbike Propulsion System

A project for developing the global open Drela-Willoughby flex-shaft propulsion system for the Open Waterbike.


The goal of the ‘Open Waterbike Propulsion System Project' is to develop collectively a high-efficiency pedal-driven propulsion system, easy to fit on different types of boats (the Open Waterbike family), available for shipping worldwide, at a competitive price.

We believe that the availability of this component will enable our members and friends who want to build and market their own Open Waterbike in their local market to develop their boat. In these years many people have asked for such a component.


We believe we will open a new market.


We invite therefore our members and friends to join and contribute to the project. In particular we need the collaboration of:

  • manufacturers interested in prototyping, building and selling the component on the global market
  • manufacturers interested in buying the component (when available) and building Open Waterbikes for their local market
  • prospective dealers and other businesses interested in selling Open Waterbikes in their local market

The Open Waterbike Project will act as a knowledge hub for the development of the new component, connecting people and providing advice.

If you are a prospective manufacturer, dealer, designer, or just want to know more about the project,  please contact the project manager.


Our boat is better than mine.