Hand-Driven Open Waterbike Project

Waterbiking: Fun for Everybody?


We think that almost everyone likes to go waterbiking.

It is not only a fun activity, it is also a good physical training and it relieves the mind.

The world as you know it, always seems very different and new when you look at it from the water.


For most disabled people with a physical handicap the experience of waterbiking is impossible, speaking frankly.

Even when it is possible to get aboard, the drive-unit has to be managed by a pair of good working legs.

And if you don’t have good working legs (or no legs at all), you won’t be able to ever use a waterbike. 


We are going to change this situation!


We are going to build a waterbike with drive-units for hands and/or feet which can be operated by everyone.


We'd like to challenge you to think about these questions:


  • Can we define the specifications needed for a kind of “universal” seating frame, supporting every part of the human body needed?
  • Can we build a “handbike” drive-unit (can we generate enough power or do we need  electrical support?)?
  • Is the concept adjustable for children as well as adults?
  • Do we need to build 1-, 2- or even more person waterbikes?
  • How relevant is speed?


You are hereby invited to give any opinion, remarks or ideas on this concept.


Ruud Schmidt

Waterbike Technology



Our boat is better than mine.