Vogalonga 2008

The Vogalonga is a non-competitive 30 km regatta in which human-powered boats of all shapes and types can participate.
Created in 1973 to protest the use of motorboats in Venice, the Vogalonga has grown into the biggest rowing contest in the World. This year about about 6,000 athletes mounted on about 1800 boats ran the 32 Km course, starting form the San Marco basin and arriving through the Grand Canal, for one day devoid of any motorboat.

The Vogalonga is an act of love for the ancient city and its waters, for its lagoon and its islands, and for human-powered boats.

To us, the Vogalonga is also a technical challenge, testing one more time the reliability of our waterbike.
This year, Mr. Guido Petronio from Trieste took the waves.

Would you like to take part in the Vogalonga 2009?

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