Marco Polo Boats - New hulls for catamaran boats are available

May 21, 2010 -- Marco Polo Boats, Inc., of Troy, Michigan, USA, announces the availability of its 12 foot catamaran and trimaran hull kits beginning June 1, 2010.

The rotomolded Hullz are intended for the boat builder who wishes to create any type of 12 foot (3.7 meter) boat based on pre-fabricated hulls. “We supply the caramaran or trimaran base, and the rest is up to the creativity of the builder,” says Mark Vermilion, founder of Marco Polo Boats, Inc.
“Whether you are a sailor, a human powered boat enthusiast, use an electric or gas motor, or even wish to make a comfortable duck hunting boat, we’ve made it easy by offering the most difficult part of boat building at a reasonable price.”

The hulls are rotomolded from compounded polyethlene, and each hull has four pairs of imbedded inserts (M8, 1.25, 1” deep) for connecting the purchaser-supplied cross beams. Each hull is segmented for shipping, and the segments are attached via the included custom clamps. Each assembled hull includes two access
deck plates and weighs under 60 pounds. Hulls are shipped via FedEx Ground in the U.S. direct to the purchaser.
Each hull segment (half hull) has a total volume of 10,000 cubic inches and displaces 360 lb in fresh water when fully immersed. Therefore a catamaran has a total displacement of 1440 lb (360 lb x 4) and a trimaran 2160 lb (360 lb x 6) when fully submerged in fresh water.

For optimum stability Marco Polo Boats Inc. recommends a maximum load, including the weight of the boat, of 600 lb for a catamaran and 1000 lb for a trimaran. This figure may be somewhat lower for a sail boat due to the effects of heeling.
The catamaran (four segments, two hulls) price is $1999, and the trimaran (six segments, three hulls) price is $2999.
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