V15, Rick Willoughby's new boat tested!

We have been waiting with great expectation the new prototype that Rick Willoughby announced. We were not disappointed: V15 is impressive in appearance and from the first results Rick is giving, also in performance. The new boat in conformant to the Open Waterbike modular architecture 'stabilized monohull', but this time Rick integrated the seat into the hull and eliminating chains and belts. V15 includes the innovations that Rick invented, including dipping rudders, the Drela/Willoughby flex-shaft (with a sleeved shaft Drela-style) and a new foldable propeller. Here are V15 specifications Design Displacement - 80kg Length - 5m  Beam Overall - 2m Beam Main Hull WL - 220mm Construction - Fibreglass over Klegecell Core as Flatpack  Features: - Modified Mitrpak T-102-M gearbox designed to take standard bicycle cranks - Low deckline at crank and upright seating position - Wave piercing deckline - Seat and pedal torque box integrated into deckline - Twin dipping rudders Please contact Rick at rickwill@bigpond.net.au for details You can buy the modified Mitprak T-102 gearbix from Marco Polo Boats Our Boat is faster than mine!