Ian Cassell's new V15-I boat launched

Ian Cassell, an Australian builder of high performance pedal boats and a member of our community since june 2010 successfully launched his new boat, named V15-I (for Ian). She is Ian's variant of Rick Willoughby's successful V15 design.


The boat is 5 meters long,all up weight is 30kg, the outigger and support are one piece. the seat is integrated into the hull.

Each outrigger and support are fixed in place with one wing nut. Gearbox slides into place and is tightened with wing nuts. This makes assembly very quick and easy, a trademark of Ian's boats.


Rick Willoughby assisted Ian at the test and did some filming ( the results are posted on Youtube at:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74IzB1SMwxc ).


Notwhitstanding the windy conditions with average of 25kts and gusts to 35kts (this is why the videos from Rick's boat are a bit bouncy) the new boat performed well.

Ian made some slight changes to the previous design; he is using the in-line shaft arrangement with his 1:3.3 Involute made box with curved shaft all used on previous boat. The boat performed well and he was pleased with the way the wave piercing foredeck worked.


The stabilized monohull architecture pioneered by Rick is gaining popularity within and outside our community, due to the great performance and practical qualities. We are about to launch a special section of the website in order to support the development and the diffusion of this promising design.


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Our boat is faster than mine.