24-hours World Record attempt at Trieste

Trieste Waterbike Team (TWT) a well-known team in the European world of Human Powered Boats, most of them originated in the universities, organized an attempt aimed at beating the 24-hours World Record. The event, something between a sporting and technological event and a popular celebration for the 20th anniversary of TWT, took place at sea in the basin in front of the city centre, overlooked by the spectacular Piazza dell’Unità.


The boat, named ‘Ordegno’ (meaning 'Contraption’ in the city dialect) is hardly great technology new, since it is about twenty years old, but constantly upgraded and carefully tuned by the team, led as usual by Stefano Venier. It is a catamaran, propelled by three riders pedaling in an upright position. The hulls, derived by a commercial sailing cat, but modified for better performance as a HPV, are 6.5 meters long. The record attempt was monitored by a team from Verona University while the compliance with the IHPVA record rules were assured by a mixed observation group appointed by the German HPV association and by the Italian HPV Association ‘Propulsione Umana.


We don’t have yet the final results (we will give notice of them as soon as the official data are available), but from early estimates they could be close to the standing 24-hours IHPVA record by Greg Kolodziejzyk (245.16 Km).


Greg’s record, anyway, is not actually in danger, because Ordegno category is different according to IHPVA rules (multiple riders) and also because the team, in order to emphasize the ‘popular celebration’ meaning of the event, decided to alternate several crews, about one of them every hours, so not less than seventy-two riders, of very diverse age and fitness, were involved. Anyway, from the disaggregated data of the best and also the worse crews, composed by common people and not fit athletes, we will have something to learn.


All in all, a great event, and a great celebration of the potentiality and fascination of human powered waterbiking. Thanks Stefano Venier and all the Trieste Waterbike Team.


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