The idea

Our boat is faster than mine. Our catchphrase is also the whole idea in a nutshell. It means: developing the boats of our dreams as a collective will yield better results than each of us doing the same individually. We claim that what has been proved to work with computer software (the Open Source idea) can also work with tangible products – like pedal boats. Since producing physically tangible objects goes beyond theorizing and requires some kind of cooperation with manufacturers/producers, the method might evolve to be a «hybrid».


So: we are making a collaborative effort towards building and bringing to market the best pedal driven boats in the world. We go beyond small talk and will build these new boats, bring them to market, innovate them, use them in new exciting ways, promote them, build together a new profitable, expanding market.

Will we?

Could a world-class pedal boat be a successful product?


History shows us the «corpses» of many promising enterprises manufacturing beautiful high performance pedal boats brought to market by dedicated people - from the Sea Saber back in the nineteen-eighties to the Wavebike, out of market from 2002. Why is that?

The analysis could be long. Obviously there is an abundance of brilliant ideas, technical capabilities, and even courage. Still it didn't work…

What now?

What we need now is a new way of thinking: a new business model.

Not just a business model for developing those world-class pedal boats, another one for manufacturing them and another one for bringing them to market.

The Open Waterbike Project is all these elements joined in ONE.

There are good reasons to think that we can succeed: the Open Waterbike Project is also Action Research: please contact us to learn more.


Our boat is faster than mine.