The story



When in 1999, the «Talassociclo» surprisingly won the long distance race at the Human Powered Vehicle World Championship, distancing herself from the second by more than one kilometer at the finish line, this was a huge incentive to hang on and to find out how we could do even better. 

…breeds work…


During the following years, with the invaluable help of the reasearchers at the Univeristy of Udine, and in particular professor Paola Zamparo and her team, including Luca Plaino and Barbara Sgalmuzzo, we decided to assess the performances of our type of pedaled catamaran, and to compare them with the fastest watercrafts in the world. The results were astonishing: we were actually close to having the fastest human powered long-distance boats in the world , within reach of the efficiency of the olympic rowing shells.

…breeds perspectives…


Hundreds of persons contacted us: perspective customers, dealers, people interested in using the craft for its social or environmental value. The logical sequel to the story could have been the start of a new line of products, making this beautiful craft another attractive device on an already huge market, as so many perspective customers were asking us to do.

Then we thought again. And we decided to share our knowledge and our experience and start a new adventure: The Open Waterbike Project.

The Open Waterbike Project

Together with the actual members of this community I invite you to join our effort to bring this (and other) high performance water vehicles to the market in a completely new fashion, improving together our knowledge, making business and having fun in the process.

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Our boat is faster than mine.