The Open Waterbike Manifesto

The Open Waterbike Project is a collective effort for designing, building and bringing to market the best 

    • high-performance,
    • safe and
    • user-friendly

long-distance pedal-powered watercrafts in the world.


Our mission is:

  • Fastest boat in the world:
    We will create the fastest long-distance boat in the world.
    Believe it or not, we are pretty close. Our starting points are already among the fastest long-distance racing pedal boats in the world.
  • Our new boat is your new boat:
    We will create a standard open architecture for long-distance boats that will allow anyone to get the boat attained to his or her specific needs.
  • A sustainable business:
    We will share the value we create collectively in accordance with our community system of incentives and with our business model.


This is just a start-up manifesto. We will set up together a collaborative environment to discuss it. Please contribute. Contact us.

The Open Waterbike Project supports the ideals of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association: «promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the use of human power, especially in the design and development of human-powered vehicles».


Our boat is faster than mine.