All our pedal boats are very fast and efficient, and they are human-powered.

Their unique blend of characteristics: safety PLUS speed PLUS user-friendliness.

Here is an example (temporarily removed).


According to our mission statement (Manifesto), all Open Waterbike boats are designed to be:

  • Safe:
    Safety must always come first. Our boats must be as safe as a human powered boat could ever be.
  • Fast:
    Pedaled boats are among the fastest long distance human-powered boats in the world. Greg Kolodziejzyk (USA) travelled over 245 km in 24 hours with his pedaled racing boat (which was built based on a V11 from Rick Willoughby btw…). This World Record holds to this day.
  • User-friendly:
    Our boats are easy to handle in transport, launching, maintenance. And they are especially easy to handle on the water. See how even a ten-year-old child can drive a waterbike fast, easily and effortlessy, being almost as efficient as a skilled olympic rower.


A more technical view on these goals is available in our requirements page.


The boat in the video was built by Lamar, one of our manufacturers.
But you can buy it from someone else, or you can assemble components built by various manufacturers yourself, or even build one or more components or the entire boat yourself.

This is because each of our boats is built around the same architecture: an Open Architecture. This means that we share the technical details, allowing anyone to manufacture the best components for the Open Waterbike.

Specific components may be built by various manufacturers or users all around the world, but they will all have to use common interfaces. Therefore these will be interchangeable, giving each OpenMonos or OpenCats the same excellent performance and continually encouraging further improvement.

If you want to acquire a Waterbike or any component please contact us.



Our boat is faster than mine.