Fastest in the world?

Can we really develop the fastest long-distance pedal boat in the world?
Well, some of the boats we are listing in the boats' section are pretty close to begin with.

Where we set out from…

An early prototype of the Open Waterbike won the long distance race at the World Championship, back in 1999.


Scientific work


In the following years we set up a program for a scientific evaluation of the waterbike performance, in collaboration with the University of Udine, Italy.



In the picture you can see one of the athletes who participated in the experiments.


The face mask she is wearing is connected to a portable metabolimeter, measuring her oxygen consumption and other metabolic parameters, while a SRM powermeter is measuring the output power, and a GSM the speed performance. The tests were performed by a research team led by professor Paola Zamparo and including Luca Plaino and Barbara Sgalmuzzo.

The results of our tests were published by The Journal of Sports Sciences. (Zamparo, P. et. al, Energy balance of locomotion with pedal-driven watercraft , Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 26, Issue 1 January 2008 , pages 75 – 81) The overall results of the tests are exposed in this diagram.


Metabolic power input as a function of speed for different watercrafts. —Source: Zamparo et al, 2008


Encouraging results


As you can see, this catamaran at her cruise speed is almost as efficient as the fastest Olympic crafts.

In the meantime, faster and more efficient vessels have already been developed and built, and they are now being optimized, tested and optimized again…


A special one: a World Record holder


In 2008, Greg Kolodziejzyk rode a special version of Rick Willoughby's V11 design to the World 24-hour Distance Record. This record still holds today and has yet to be bettered by any other configuration. Read about it on CBCnews and of course in Greg's own words on his blog adventuresofgreg.


So you see, we really are pretty close, and getting closer, and together we can get there.

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Our boat is faster than mine.