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DZ Trasmissioni is an Italian company based in Northern Italy near Bologna.

DZ 20S – 2FAB (gear ratio 1/1) and
DZ 22S - 2FAB (gear ratio 1/2)


The DZ 20S–2FAB is one of the «two gearboxes that are being used in conjunction with the 330X360 folding carbon fibre propeller and the easily driven stabilised monohull» – in the words of leading HPB designer Rick Willoughby.


DZ Trasmissioni: DZ 20S–2FAB 


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Rick Willoughby:

«The most suitable is size 2 with 1:1 ratio, 2 flanges and A-B shaft configuration (DZ 20S - 2FAB; insert webmaster). This box has a rated torque of 14Nm so will not exceed rating even under sprint condition.
The two flange box weighs 1.1kg, axial load rating is ample for maximum boat thrust under sprint conditions. TEA supply the DZ boxes in Australia and the USA.
If a large chainring is to be avoided then the DZ22 box with 1:2 ratio (DZ 22S - 2FAB; insert webmaster) has a rated torque of 6.7Nm and has proven durable over long periods, but the output shaft can be broken if used with higher pitched props than the 330X360 CF prop.
The DZ boxes have a lubrication drain port enabling the oil to be replaced without dismantling the box.»


Ian Cassell: 5-stars (five out of five)

«The DZ22 at 1:2 ratio is well suited to my needs. The V15-I is a fast cruising boat, and the gearbox enables me to use standard bike chainrings and gears. I have had many hours on the water with no problems from the gearbox. Highly recommended.»

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DZ Trasmissioni's website is here.
DZ Trasmissioni is represented by TEA Transmissions in Australia and the USA.


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