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OceanCycle is a manufacturer based in Torpoint, UK (near Plymouth, in the UK's Southwest). The company delivers worldwide seats for recumbent and classic bicycles, and also specially designed seats for use in a marine environment.


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From Matthew Johnson: 5-stars (five stars out of five)

«I'm using the OceanCycles recumbent fiberglass seat with the Ventisit seat pad. They are both great, 5 stars. My seat is the one thing about my boat I wouldn't change. They are inexpensive compared to others, and come in multiple sizes. I purchased mine through Ebay, and got support questions answered directly through OceanCycles. The seat is good quality with the right combination of strength/lightness. I used the Volae seat slider too, and it works well. The Ventisit pad is great, but not cheap. It's especially good for a boat and the water drains right through.»


From Joe Tracy: 5-stars (five stars out of five)

«In a word : Yes. A fine piece of work which appears well engineered. I would buy this seat again given the need. That said, a useful option would be to offer mounting brackets to make that job easier. I will be mounting my seat so I can change the angle, pivoting with a shaft at the bottom with a radius arm attached to the top.»


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Ocen Cycle Seat


OceanCycle's Marcin Szewczyk is a member of The Open Waterbike Project, and has an open ear for the special needs of this community.

"My name is Marcin and I'm a proprietor of Ocean Cycle company. I am a manufacturer of velomobiles and recumbent bike seats.


I'm building glass and carbon fibre seats. Both types can be safely used in marine environments. I'm great supporter of performance pedal boats and I would be greatly pleased if my products would be useful for the Open Waterbike community.

Whatever your especial requirements are, just let me know, we will try to find a solution."


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The company delivers worldwide. Please contact OceanCycle for details through their website.


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