about «Components»

Like any other boat, the OpenBoat consists mainly of a vessel and a propulsion system.
What offsets the OpenBoat, is its modular system. Much like playing with building blocks, the owner may choose from a selection of components and co-design his/her own special boat to his/her personal preferences.


In this section, we present the most relevant modular components for the OpenBoat, and for each component a number of products you may choose from, along with technical requirements and comments and our recommendations, based on user-innovator feedback and expert knowledge (marked in the vertical menu with a «•»).


This is not just a collection of modular components for the OpenBoat, but a selection, based on two principles:

  • modular and suitable
    (read more on modularity here)
    Some of these components are conforming to the OW interfaces and already available. Others (especially the outstanding novelties) are proposals from and for within the community, suitable for modularization and development according to the goals and prerequisites of the project.
  • built and tested
    Some are available from OW member firms; some are outstanding components developed outside our community. The knowledge necessary for their development has been offered to us or is public demain. Community members are encouraged to use this knowledge, acknowledging authorship. 


Our boat is better than mine.