Dealers and retailers

We wish to collaborate with dealers, distributors and retailers in various regions of the world – please apply!


We have a nice novel product, and hundreds of potential end users interested in our pedal powered boats already contacted us. The market we target is huge.

«High-performance pedal-powered boats» are products standing out from the mass by their excellent performance and new exciting possibilities of use.

You are important for this project!

Dealers and retailers are among the most interesting innovators in sports equipment.

Which is obvious in a way: dealers and retailers of sports equipment are often power users of the products they sell. More often than not, this is one of the reasons why they decided to work in that field.

Being power users also puts you in a position that lets you see and feel the needs and the ideas of the end users, and you could share your knowledge with our community, thus firing the development and the innovation of the product.


Please join. Our boat is faster than mine.