Rick Willoughby's V15-58

Description: latest development of Rick's successful V15 series, the V15-58 fits into a 20 ft container in order to be shipped more easily. Typical of Rick's style, the boat combines world-class performance and practical features.



Preparing the V15-58 to go on the lake

Preparing for an outing on the lake (photographer: Tony K. Chong)


Main technical data

Length: 5.8 m

Beam Main Hull: 270mm

Beam Overall: 2 m

Design Displacement: 90 kg



Cruising speed: 12 km/h ( 6.5 knots) at 150 W

Top speed: 19 km/h (over 10 knots)


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: flexible shaft, side mounted, particularly designed for high speed

Hull: Fibreglass/Epoxy over Divinyl as Flatpack

Seat: integrated in the hull

Steering system: rudder integrated in the hull.

Stabilizing system: twin hulls, beam overall 2 m

…easy to carry…

…easy to carry… (photographer: Tony K. Chong)



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