Matt Johnson's V15 Skin-on-frame

Matt built this boat based on Rick Willoughby's V15 plans, with help from Bill Ayre in Ballard WA, USA.

First run published on YouTube was March 21st, 2012.


 Matt Johnson’s V15 Skin-on-frame pic.1114

Photographer of this and the following pictures: Mike Lampi, during the Round Shaw Row 2012 (click link to see more).


Matt Johnson’s V15 Skin-on-frame pic.1021

Propulsion system part 1 (pedal/chain ring/chain/gearbox/curved shaft)

Matt Johnson’s V15 Skin-on-frame pic.1022

Propulsion system part 2 (curved shaft strut and propeller)


Main technical data

Length: 6.5 m

Beam Main Hull: …  mm

Beam Overall: … m

Weight: ~55 lbs (~25 kg)

Design Displacement: … kg



Cruising speed: … km/h ( … knots) at … W

Top speed: … km/h (~ … knots)


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: flexible shaft, side mounted (84 tooth chainring, 12 tooth cog); propeller carbon fiber, aluminim core

Hull: ballistic nylon skin, red cedar frame

Seat: hull mounted on aluminum frame

Steering system: dipping rudder

Stabilizing system: twin hulls, beam overall … m



The boat can be seen in a number of videos on YouTube.
Search for user svtolfea.