Joe Tracy's V16-64

Joe Tracy started planning his V16-64 in February 2012, and he launched the finished vessel in July 2013.

Joe Tracy’s V16-64 at the launch site

Joe Tracy's boat at the launching site 

Description (in Rick Willoughby's words):

«The boat started as a V15 design but incorporates the learning from V15 users and the latest V16 hull shape. The V16 series has variable side flare so has slightly less drag than the V15 series. It also has a tiny transom.
Joe's boat has a design displacement of 130kg; that being Joe plus gear and design boat weight of 20kg. The finished boat weight is 24kg. A good result for a 6.4m long boat capable of carrying 100+kg. The main hull is probably the best built to my design to date and weighed just 11kg prior to painting. The stabilisers use solid EPS foam with epoxy/glass cover.»

Joe Tracy’s V16-64 front view

Joe Tracy’s V16-64 lateral view

From a practical angle, Joe writes us: «I am able to launch and retrieve the boat by myself by backing up to the water. I leave it set up on my truck carrier so no time is wasted when I launch.» See for yourself:

Joe Tracy’s V16-64 on his truck


Main technical data

Length: 6.4 m

Beam Main Hull: ... mm

Beam Overall: ... m

Stabilisers length: ... m

Stabiliser beam: ... mm

Design Displacement: 130 kg

Finished Boat Weight: 24 kg



Cruising speed: ca. 10 km/h

Long distance speed: 7-8 km/h

Top speed: 15 km/h


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: Gates Carbon drive belt with pulleys for 1:3 ratio; 1:2 ratio gearbox; overall ratio 6x; curved shaft of high strength stainless steel; folding prop ø ... mm ——— Joe's comment on his drive system: «I have the drive system set up so I can easily change from tooth belt, which I have now, to a SS chain which will provide more opportunity to select the perfect gear ratio. Right now I am at 1:6 ratio, which is the highest ratio using the 1:3 belt drive and 1:2 gear box. With a chain drive I can move toward Rick's recommendation of 1:7 or any other ratio I may wish to try.»

Hull: Fibreglass/Epoxy, weight prior to painting: 11 kg

Seat: open frame seat support (option to change to faired pedestal design)

Steering system: ...

Stabilizing system: twin hulls solid EPS foam with epoxy/glass cover