Ian Cassell's V15–I

Ian Cassell's V15–I is a modification of Rick's V15 design, self-built and -adapted, with Rick's support.


V15-I view 1

V15-I view 2



«V15-I is one of Rick Willoughby’s V15 designs. Boat is of plywood construction using fibreglass for seams and frame support. Due to storage and transport restraints boat is 5m long. The boat has a side mounted 10mm aluminium shaft driving a carbon fibre folding prop. Boat assembles quickly into its three component parts: • 1 Hull with built in seat and drive system • 2 Outriggers and support arms (2x1 piece). Outriggers slide into place and are secured with a wing nut. Storage area with hatch is located inside seat support.»

V15-I gearbox with splash guard 

Chain guides keep chain from coming off, splash guard protects gearbox against saltwater.

V15-I outrigger connector

Outrigger arm slides in and is secured with wingnut (above)

(all pictures this page: photographer Ian Cassell)


Main technical data

Length: 5 m

Beam Main Hull: 270 mm

Beam Overall: 2 m

Outriggers length: 2.4 m

Outrigger beam: 100 mm

Design Displacement: ---



Cruising speed: <8-9 km/h

Top speed: <14 km/h


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: 48 tooth chainring; 13 tooth cog; 1:2 ratio gearbox; flexible shaft (ø 10mm, length 2300mm), side mounted; folding carbon fibre prop ø 335 mm

Hull: Fibreglass/Epoxy over plywood

Seat: integrated in hull, storage hatch inside seat support

Steering system: hinged rudder over stern, steering arm controlled

Stabilizing system: twin hulls, beam overall 2 m


The boat can be seen in motion (Ian riding) during its very first run here, and also here, in windy conditions on somewhat choppy water.