Cory Schaffhausen's V15

Cory Schaffhausen from Minneapolis, MN, USA, built his adaptation of Rick Willoughby's V15 design in his garage between July, 2011, and July, 2012. In his blog he describes every step of the process, and how he now enjoys the completed boat, but he is also including thoughts about what he would change if he were to do it all over, and… thoughts of building yet another boat.


Cory Schaffhausen’s V15 on the water

Cory Schaffhausen on his V15 on the water


Cory’s V15 on the dollyThe boat on its dolly in front of the garage, stabilizers swiveled in






Cory’s discreet steering wheelDiscreet but efficient: the rudder control







Cory’s steerable prop/drive legBefore the switch to a center flex shaft

propulsion system, this

steerable prop/drive leg was in operation.







Main technical data

Length: 20 ft (~ 6 m)

Weight: 70 lb (31.75 kg)

Beam Main Hull: … mm

Beam Overall: 6.5 ft (~ 2 m)

Design Displacement: … kg



Cruising speed: 8–9.5 km/h ( 5.5-6 mph) at 72-78 rpm

Top speed: … km/h (over … knots)


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: flexible shaft, center mounted*, custom bevel gear and chain gearbox, 6.5X ratio, folding prop (by Rick Willoughby)

Hull: Fibreglass/Epoxy over 4mm marine plywood, varnish finish

Seat: integrated in the hull

Steering system: stern rudder

Stabilizing system: twin hulls, beam overall … m


*the flexible shaft is running inside the main hull, under the seat, and through a tube along the rear deck, to the stern.