Andreas Husi's V16-79

Andreas started this project some time in late summer 2013, acquiring a decommissioned single rowing hull (skiff) from a local rowing club, and finishing the pedal boat in July 2014. Rick Willoughby guided him along this «long and winding road» with his expertise, sharing his knowledge and giving advice freely and in a very friendly way.

Andreas’ V16-79 clip

Work description

The main hull was stripped of all rowing installations, the deck covering the cockpit and some way further to bow was removed and the inside of the hull including the footwell was reinforced with 30mm styrofoam bulkheads epoxied in every 25cm. The entire area then got a new flat deck made from two layers of hard foam and epoxy/glass. Quite a number of old scars and fresh cuts in the outer skin had to be patched and sanded as well before mounting of the pedal boat parts could begin.

The two stabilisers were built from scratch from Airex hard foam and epoxy/glass, and are held in place by two aluminium tubes with Ø 30mm. These were glued on the deck of the stabilisers using thickened epoxy. The tubes are connected to the grab tubes by pegs of round aluminium and secured by cotter pins.



The mechanical work, especially the crank mast and its contents, the gearbox standoff and the flex shaft's coupling, was produced by Karl Enz, a retired engine fitter, along Rick Willoughby's guidelines, and sometimes following his own ideas.

The painting is by Rapp, Boat and Yacht Services, in Thal, Switzerland.


Main technical data crank mast for Andreas H.

Length: 7.9 m

Beam Main Hull: 30 mm

Beam Overall: 2000 mm

Stabilisers length: 2200 mm

Stabiliser beam: 110 mm

Design Displacement: estimated 110 kg

Finished Boat Weight: estimated 30 kg



work-out speed: ca. 10+ km/h

Long distance speed: 8-9 km/h

Top speed: 14 km/h (as of 8/17/2014)


Modules (components)

Propulsion system: T10 drive belt with pulleys for 1:3 ratio; 1:2 ratio Trasmissioni gearbox; overall ratio 6x; curved shaft of high strength flexible stainless steel; Willoughby folding prop Ø 330 mm

Hull: Italian made rowing hull (by Filippi Lido) built from unknown materials (fiberglass-polyester?), additions in PVC hard foam (Airex) and epoxy/glass, and styrofoam; weight prior to painting: approx. 25 kg (estimate)

Seat: Flevobike seat (

Steering system: stern mounted iron sheet, transverse iron tiller, hand pulled strings

Stabilizing system: twin hulls PVC hard foam (Airex) sheets with epoxy/glass cover