Stabilized monohulls

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Monohull pedal boats and their respective technologies have made huge progress during the past ten years or so. Among all the designer-engineers and user-innovators constantly pushing their own and the concept's limits, Australia-based Rick Willoughby is certainly excelling by the quality of his designs. His boats are not only beautiful, but they are the leading high-efficiency racing vessels, prototyped and extensively tested by their maker.


  Rendered images

Rick Willoughby's V16-64 stabilized monohull (rendered by Maurizio Cattaneo - OWP Team)

All our boats are based on a modular architecture of five main components (modules; see also components). In the case of the monohull:

Simple Architecture Mono.png

This architectural design, after the pioneering experiences by Rick Willoughby and other innovators, is now consolidated, and it includes distinctive modular components like the side-mounted flex-shaft propulsion system and twin dipping rudders (or integrated hull-rudder).

As can be seen from the illustration, monohull vessels use a very narrow hull in order to minimize drag. Unlike in fast rowing boats, the pedaled monohulls don't have oars to provide roll stability. In their stead, the monohull carries two (symmetrical) outriggers – again with minimal dimensions, and slightly elevated over the water line, so that they only touch the water as little as possible. Best practice is «to fly» them both as often and as long as possible, which is not that easy.

Rick Willoughby calls the fastest among his boats the «V-Series», and his «V15» has been the most successful model so far, inspiring a number of other user-innovators who have been or are building their own boats themselves, adapting the V15 plans to their own personal ideas and preferences, and counting on Rick Willoughby's advice and support in their projects.


In this section, we'd like to present a selected few and their beautiful and fast boats. The following is by no means a ranking!


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