The boats

The boats presented in this section are

  1. stabilized monohulls

  2. catamarans (the OpenCats)

  3. hand waterbikes

All three types of boat are designed complying with rules and standards agreed on within the Open Waterbike Project and with cooperating boat designers from outside. You'll find the names of the main contributors in the respective pages.

The guidelines for developing these vessels, in a nutshell, are:

  • safety

  • speed

  • user-friendliness

  • modular architecture

Find more on these guidelines under Concept and under Architecture, and vanguard ideas we are working on under Projects.

two OpenCats on the water

The OpenCat prototype '0' (left) and the Lamar OpenCat
being tested for their qualities as leisure vessels in Italy.
Long-distance cruising speed is 7 to 8 Km/h, with minimal physical effort;
max speed 13 Km/h…



Our boat is better than mine.