OpenCat prototype '0'

This is one of my waterbikes, the «Talassociclo». She was the first pedal boat that I designed, back in the nineteen-nineties. We called it waterbike back then (you'll have seen the link to the website's header by now). And there is me riding her. My name is Giuseppe Carignani. I am an engineer and a member of the Human Powered Vehicle Association since 1995 (member # 6212).

prototype ’0’ talassociclo

Giuseppe Carignani, founder of the Open Waterbike Project, on his prototype '0', the Talassociclo.


I wanted to build a «fast, efficient and user-friendly long distance human powered boat for sports and tourism».

I joined the Human Powered Vehicle Association (now called International Human Powered Vehicle Association IHPVA) and with the precious advice of several friends (including Jake Free of Free Enterprises, who supplied our first drive unit), I designed the boat. It was built by Franco Mazzante, owner of Lamar Udine, a small firm specializing in advanced composites.

Unexpectedly, she won the long distance race at the Human Powered Vehicle World Championship 1999, distancing herself from the second by more than one kilometer at the finish line. In the following years we worked on several prototypes of boats and components and tried them out in different challenging environments (including the Venetian lagoon, where our boat twice ran in the Vogalonga.

And today, she is still one of the fastest and most efficient human-powered long-distance watercrafts in the world.



Our boat is better than my boat…