OpenCat (Catamarans)

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(Logo by Maurizio Cattaneo)


Catamarans are boats floating on two parallel hulls that are connected and held at a stable distance by a rigid structure, the Main Connections.


OpenCat silver - MC-design

OpenCat design study by Maurizio Cattaneo, OWP-team


The OpenCat is such a catamaran built along the Open Waterbike Architecture with its five modules. Equipped with the curved-shaft propulsion system, it is a high-performance pedal boat.


Simple Architecture Cat.png


A preview on one aspect that is important in our list: user friendliness.

The images below show the prototype in «transportation mode». Both hulls plus the connectors plus the seat go on the roof, and the transversal connector tubes are fastened directly to the longitudinal roof rails. (The picture on the right shows an additional canoe loaded on top of this package.) Only as little as the drive unit remains to be stored in the boot. Once the flexible shaft will be developed to our satisfaction, it too can be transported on the roof and nothing at all will be taking up room inside the car. All parts on the roof are extremely light weight and can be loaded within minutes by one single person only!


OpenCat on car roof 2008 OpenCat on car roof 2013


The boat will soon be available from our manufacturers, some of its components already are. Please contact us for details.


OpenCat Mau modifAH

OpenCat design study by Maurizio Cattaneo


We are always looking for manufacurers interested in producing (and improving) components.



Our boat is faster than mine.