The Open Waterbike Modular Concept


The Open Waterbike is a modular artifact.

That means that it is composed of several components (modules).

Each module conforms to a set of specifications (aka interface) in order to ensure that the whole watercraft works properly even if composed by modules built by different manufacturers or even by users.

Moreover, clever and innovative manufacturers could design and build better components, improving the performance of the boat or reducing its cost. This could lead to collective innovation.

All this sounds good, and indeed it is good. Modularization is a well known strategy widely used in manufacturing. Since designing a modular architecture is not so easy, we need a special kind of designer, called an 'architect'.

So, who is the architect of our boats?

Of course, the Open Waterbike Community is: every member contributing to our goals is. But we don't start from scratch. Our starting points are the architectures of some of the most efficient human-powered boats in the world. And together we will improve them.

Join us, contact us.


Our boat is better than mine.