Open High-Performance Pedal Boats

render of V16 fast pedal boat

The V16-64, a new stabilized monohull designed by Rick Willoughby

Our mission


is to design and build innovative high-performance long-distance human-powered pedal boats.

Propeller-driven pedal boats are very, very fast: a VSeries stabilized monohull, designed by Rick Willoughby, holds the 24-hours World Record.

But they are also safe, user-friendly, efficient.

We are not a firm. We are a community — an innovation community.

We are user-innovators and manufacturers working together.

'Open Source' watercrafts: two modular architectures


We propose two different modular architectures: stabilized monohulls, developed by Rick Willoughby and the 'V-Series' group of user-innovators, and catamaran, first prototyped by Lamar and now adopting the same curved-shaft propulsion system (below). OW Cat render by MauOpenCat, our high-performance catamaran equipped with the curved-shaft propulsion system. (Design Maurizio Cattaneo).

(both renders by Maurizo Cattaneo, OWP team)



If you are an user-innovator, a manufacturer, a dealer, a designer, or if you are simply interested in human powered pedal boats, please contact us.


Our boat is faster than mine.